Network Audit/Consultancy

When it comes to your business’ security, you’re going to want the best industry solutions on offer – which is where F1 IT Group come into it. With 80+ years of experience, we are across all the current security news and knowledge – allowing us to implement bespoke security solutions that fit your business’ model. This means that you’ll get the solutions that really matter to you.

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Giving You a Better Understanding

To improve productivity and efficiency within your workplace you must have all cogs in the machine running at optimal capacity. Sometimes, the weakest link is an IT-related system – which could be costing you time and money if it’s not running or being utilised correctly. A network audit will look at your IT infrastructure as a whole to identify its efficiency as well as any potential issues. Our consultancy services will seek to educate you on how best to take advantage of your current systems as well as point out any upgrades that would improve productivity. This could be anything from cloud to security systems.

Identifying and Correcting Issues

Through our extensive auditing and consulting, our technicians can pinpoint which parts of your system aren’t running as they should be. This could be due to unsupported or outdated hardware, incorrectly configured systems, slow internet connection or several other reasons. Once any issues have been brought to light, our specialists will suggest remedial approaches to improve efficiency.

Ensuring Security Standards

Our audits don’t just concern how efficiently your IT infrastructure is running – but also how secure it is. The last thing you want to learn is that your business is open to cyberattacks – but this is why audits are important as if this is the case then the appropriate action can be taken to remedy it.

Safe in Experienced Hands

F1 IT Group has a combined 81 years of experience in the IT industry and are well equipped with the approaches and knowledge needed to efficiently audit your entire IT infrastructure. We understand that every business is different, which is why our specialists’ solutions are uniquely tailored to each client – ensuring the suggestions and remedial improvements are made specifically with the intent of boosting productivity and efficiency.