Business VoIP

VoIP brings a cost-effective and modernised solution to an old medium. F1 IT Group can deliver complete VoIP system overhauls and take care of cloud PBX hosting as well – taking your business to the next level in terms of connectivity and mobility.

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Flexibility Like Never Before

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) converts analogue signals into digital – using your internet data to carry your phone calls instead of more traditional methods. This means there is an unprecedented flexibility in terms of taking your workstation mobile as VoIP headsets can be placed anywhere around the world.

In addition to this, you can access your VoIP network via your smartphone device. Meaning you never have to worry about missing a call as you can set them to be redirected to your smartphone device. VoIP systems are also much more efficient and faster than traditional, analogue methods.

Complete Integration

CRM systems and other databases can be integrated with VoIP systems to give your business a seamless experience – streamlining simple day-to-day tasks. Key information is noted within the VoIP system during calls which may be useful for incoming calls. For example, an integrated CRM will present you the caller’s profile within the database – allowing you to concentrate on the call rather than search for their information during.

Advantages of VoIP

  • Extremely scalable.
  • Smartphone applications and usability.
  • Email, CRM and database integration capabilities.
  • Forwarding, conferencing, caller ID and voicemail abilities.
  • Handsets can be placed anywhere around the world allowing a greater level of mobility and flexibility.
  • Cost-effective.

F1 IT – The VoIP Specialists

F1 IT Group is well-versed with VoIP systems such as 3CX and can ensure your infrastructure is effectively and efficiently switched to VoIP – allowing your business to take full advantage of the benefits offered. With more than 80 years of experience, our IT experts will help you understand all the capabilities and functions of your new VoIP system to ensure you comprehend the full potential of the system.