Cloud Services

Imagine being able to work from anywhere in the world. That sort of mobility and freedom is possible with the cloud at your disposal. There are no restrictions on where your information can be accessed in the modern age – and you don’t have to worry about lugging hard drives around with you anymore.

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The Mobile Workstation

Taking not only your files but your entire business’ environment online is beginning to become a common practice nowadays. It boosts efficiency tremendously as all employees have access to all the files they need whenever and wherever they are. This makes it easy for people to work remotely.

Through a simple migration process, you can have your business up and running in the cloud in no time. Cloud services, such as Azure, also encourage an online collaborative workspace which can boost overall productivity tremendously.

Unity Through One System

Storing your business’ IT infrastructure in the cloud means everyone is using a single core system – which greatly speeds-up efficiency due to the unification. This also reduces hardware costs as your cloud environment will be stored on our fast and dedicated servers – drastically reducing your on-site hardware.

Unlimited Scalability Potential

With a cloud system in place, the potential you have for storage and infrastructure is virtually unlimited. You can constantly upgrade your plans if you need more size and you’re not nailed down by the physical hard drives and servers that take up space. If your business is expanding, then you can rest assured knowing your cloud environment will be able to handle the expansion as well.

How F1 IT Can Help Your Cloud Migration

With over 80 years of IT experience, you can trust F1 IT Group to efficiently implement a complex and secure cloud system into your business as well as successfully migrate your current environment onto it. We know how to build cloud environments that are tailored specifically to your business’ needs and requirements as well as the necessary security measure that should be taken to protect your cloud system.