Internet Connection

The majority of businesses nowadays rely on the internet to conduct their work both internally and externally. The last thing you want is a slow, unstable connection that compromises important activities on a daily basis. Give your business the internet speeds it deserves with a high-speed optical fibre connection.

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The Power of Fibre

As more archaic methods begin to be phased out, there’s no longer a need for your business to struggle when it comes to the internet as fibre has become the new norm for businesses small, medium and large to take advantage of. Our business-grade high-speed fibre connections can transform your workflow into a powerful stream of productivity.

Optical fibre cables can support much higher bandwidths compared to standard wired cables and can also transmit data across greater distances. Fibre optics are also less prone to outside interference as they’re made of thin strands of glass (as opposed to copper) – making them more durable and reliable as well.

Secondary Connections

Whilst optical fibre is cutting edge and very versatile, it doesn’t mean it’s completely exempt from faults. There are still outside factors that could cause issues. This is why we offer secondary connections to ensure you stay up and running even if your primary connection encounters an issue and is rendered unusable for a time. This can save you time and money in the long run as it means your business can stay afloat.

Transition with Ease

It’s never easy when transitioning such a huge part of your infrastructure – which is why our technicians make it easy and effortless. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that our specialists will seamlessly transition your current internet connection to a reliable and ultra-fast fibre connection. Your business will be flying in no time at all.

Why F1 IT?

Our knowledge of optical fibre is equal to the breadth of our experience and understanding of our other IT services. For over 81 years we have provided prompt, quality services and solutions to small to large-sized businesses. Our extensive portfolio and comprehensive business goals ensure that we put the needs of the client above all else to guarantee a satisfying and easy experience.